6 week Digital Resilience training package

Digital resilience & wellbeing is more important now than it has ever been. In particular, remote working has massively increased our digital touchpoints & interactions. And this can cause stress outcomes, employee disengagement and can also have a negative impact on productivity. Register your organisation for our 6 week Digital Resilience course – delivered fully online – which includes:
✔️90 minute initial training session
✔️5 x 60 minute modules on different aspects of digital resilience & wellbeing (overcoming distractions, understanding your triggers, effective digital communication, managing digital interactions effectively and resilient remote working)
✔️Ebook containing evidence-based guidelines for fostering digital resilience
✔️Worksheets & templates to support each workshop
✔️Optional 1-2-1 session (30 minutes) for each employee if they require additional support.
The course is suitable for all employees in your organisation.

The workshop was excellent; well planned out, interactive and great follow up support offered from Carrie. I would highly recommend Carrie’s practical approach to digital resilience and workplace wellness. In this age of ‘always on’, learning skills to help us switch off and recharge are so essential.

Carrie’s knowledge and understanding of Digital Wellbeing shines through and her practical approach ensured that, by the end of the workshop, I had a clear plan on how I could become more conscious and considered in my use of digital technology.

One main takeaway from this course is that digital stress is a real, recognised and visceral issue. I often found myself having the feeling of being digitally stressed without knowing that there was a word for it… I’m not alone and that there are ways to overcome it!

For further details and a 1-page brochure about the package, please contact me below.