How You Can Embrace JOMO

Did you know that 35 million people view a public event on Facebook EVERY DAY! (*) 35 million! That is 405 event views per second… all day… every day. And that’s just Facebook. This figure doesn’t include websites like Eventbrite, or those posting about where they are or what they’re doing on other applications like Snapchat. … More How You Can Embrace JOMO

Workplace Wellness Trends to Expect in 2019 – 2020

We’re over halfway through 2019, and there has been huge growth in Workplace Wellness in these past seven months. Companies such as Spectrum Health, Zevo Health and Fitvision have ramped up their Workplace Wellness offerings. The IBEC KeepWell mark continues to attract more organisations and standards such as Healthy Place to Work are gaining interest … More Workplace Wellness Trends to Expect in 2019 – 2020

Develop and maintain healthy tech habits

I recently completed Google’s “Intro to digital wellbeing” online training course. It is a short (30-60 minute) training session that discusses how to develop and maintain healthy tech habits. I would certainly recommend anyone to complete the course. It is short, with videos from engaging speakers and experts in the area of Digital Wellbeing and … More Develop and maintain healthy tech habits

What is Digital Stress?

In the world of Workplace Health & Wellness, we see a lot of new terminology cropping up all the time, and also a lot of references to issues or concerns in the workplace that not everyone may be familiar with. At Quokka Wellness, we are focussed very much on an area that, even if you … More What is Digital Stress?