What We Do

I just want to say it was so great to have the ‘Workplace Wellness’ day held here yesterday at Galway Technology Centre. Looking after my health and wellness is a key priority in my life … Holding that event has hopefully made a few extra people a little more open minded about it. In the long run, it’ll help people out more if they are open with their colleagues about it and can feel comfortable enough to implement it into the workspace.” Clare*, GTC

​Quokkas are believed to be the happiest animals in the world, and that is the vision for Quokka Wellness.

We are Workplace Wellness providers who want to help workers to be happy in a digital world.

This doesn’t mean we’re anti-techology of course. We believe that managing our digital health is the key.

Quokka Wellness helps companies to maximise the productivity and engagement of their talent, while improving retention and reducing stress-related absenteeism.

We do this by providing workshops and training programs empowering employees to control their digital environments.

“I got so much more from the training than I was expecting. The course covered all aspects of wellbeing and I have taken and already implemented something from all of the topics that were covered. We are also implementing things at my workplace too. The trainers were all so knowledgeable, approachable and fun! Thank you so much for the opportunity to come.” Attendee, Volunteer Galway

My name is Carrie, and I am the main Quokka!

I am a Health and Wellness professional with over 10 years experience in a busy corporate tech environment.

I have a Postgrad in Workplace Wellness from NUI Galway, specialising in managing workplace stress.

I am passionate about providing people with practical and implementable solutions to workplace stressors.

I have supported various organisations with Workplace Wellness programs and partners with other wellness professionals to provide holistic Workplace Wellness offerings.

Using interactive & hands-on programs and seminars, Quokka Wellness succeeds in helping people understand the impact of their behaviors (both professionally and personally) and supports behavioural changes and development.

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